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AireCanada Ontario – Help Urgently Needed

Click here to learn more about AireCanada Airedale Rescue.The Ontario branch of AireCanada urgently needs assistance to help care for rescued Airedales, evaluate potential homes and transport dogs. Throughout this past year, the large number of Airedales entering rescue have swamped our Ontario volunteers. Both dogs and applicants offering homes to rescued Airedales are coming from further and further afield. The province of Quebec has yielded a number of rescued dogs as well and AireCanada, so far, has no volunteers in that province. Despite using creative approaches such as inviting applicants to visit our volunteers, asking local veterinary technicians to perform home visits and coaxing adoptive homes to check out new applicants, our volunteers find they are spending more and more time on the road and less with their own families. Collecting Airedales surrendered to rescue can also be a challenging affair. The need for safe foster homes is overwhelming.

If you are able to help with any of these essential jobs, but especially fostering rescued Airedales, please go to the AireCanada website ( and contact any coordinator listed in the Ontario region to volunteer.

AireCanada will be grateful for any assistance whatever that you are able to provide.

Another way to help …

If you are a breeder who sells Airedales on nonbreeding pet contracts, ensuring that your buyers abide by the terms of those contracts and do indeed provide evidence that the dogs have been spayed or neutered will be of enormous assistance to Airedale rescue. Intact pet Airedales are often the source for the dogs that AireCanada takes into rescue.

Remember the AireCanada Store!

A source of funds that support Airedale rescue is the AireCanada Online Store. The store carries all of Bryan Cummins Airedale books as well as Darle Heck’s prints, Emma’s Journey by Sue Forrester & Bill Molyneux, Murphy’s Genuine hand crafted Poochie Pouches and Pepper Spice’s individually created Airedale note cards. We welcome Christmas shoppers! Please visit us at


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