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Report on Calgary Airefest 2007

Calgary Airefest 2007 - Airedales coming running in!

Airedales come running in!

September, 2007

by Keighly (canine reporter)
with assistance from Kevin Watson

It was a beautiful day and over 20 of us Airedales to get together. Our upright friends and owners brought us together for a day of fun and to celebrate us as the King of Terriers.

The day started out beautifully cool and rainy. The uprights were a little cold so they had some BBQ while we ran around and had lots of fun. The youngsters Ace and Rasta were even there.

There were lots of new faces and smells, what a great time! We played Airedale games and some of my friends even got some nice prizes for their costumes. Fergus, Jasper, Bailey, and Reba all showed up like royalty and that crazy Tam looked like a court jester. And believe it … Chase and Abbey won a prize for being the most fuzzy … imagine.

Calgary Airefest 2007 - Abbey and Chase

Abbey and Chase

Calgary Airefest 2007 - Tam


Calgary Airefest 2007 - Fergus


Calgary Airefest 2007 - Rasta


Calgary Airefest 2007 - Fun and games

Fun and games!

Calgary Airefest 2007 - Jasper and Bailey

Jasper and Bailey

Calgary Airefest 2007 - Rasta and Ace

Rasta and Ace

Calgary Airefest 2007 - Reba


Oh, what a great time it was.

Airedales go running out!

Airedales go running out!


Photos courtesy of Kevin Watson




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